What We Are Offering?

The Jasos® Group provides increased product

access within the US and Puerto Rico through:

Monitoring, Intelligence, and Account Manager Response to:
Medicaid Legislative/Regulatory Activity
State Formulary/Benefit Changes, and
VA/DoD Policy Changes & Opportunities
Market Entrée and Favorable Product Placement
Reimbursement Strategies and Contracting Services
Clinical Support and Detailing Services
For Clients with specialty pharmaceuticals (ophthalmics, oncology, infectious disease, cardiovascular, allergy, urology, 510K specialty products, diabetes, and biologicals), and those with a broader portfolio of products.


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The Jasos® Group

We are a clinically-based pharmacy consulting firm that works with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to provide back-office and front-line support to increase State, Federal, and Commercial product access and reimbursement.
   Why Government Markets?

VA/DoD: Access a market bigger than Kaiser, HealthNet, and Coventry combined and more than 10% of all managed care lives with 16 million beneficiaries and $11.4 billion drug spend in 2006. Source AIS

Medicaid: With 45.4 million lives, this market represents 18% of all insured lives and a $24 billion drug spend in 2006. Source CMS

Latest Updates:

OH  SB 229  Importation/Exportation of Prescription Drugs  Active
NJ  S 977  Drug Price Limit Controls  Active
PR  PS 483  Drug Price Limit Controls  Active